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We will be closed this Saturday for Easter. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you are in need of a tux for Prom on either the 15th or 22nd, please call for an appointment as soon as possible. All outgoing tux pick-ups for this weekend have already been arranged.

Thanks and Happy Easter!

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This is one of the busiest weeks of the year for us - most of the area schools are on spring break this week, and with Proms just around the corner this is the week that most people come in to book their suit or tuxedo.

We are requiring appointments for ALL prom tux bookings this year to make sure that everyone gets the service that they deserve. It's really the only way we can keep up with the high number of customers we will have this week.

If you happen to come in without an appointment, please be patient - we will try to squeeze you in if at all possible, but please understand if we ask you to make an appointment and come back at a later time. Hope you have a great week!

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Well, we saw our shadow last week so it must be time to end winter hours. Starting today we are back to being open until 6PM most days, and until 7PM on Thursdays for tux pick-ups.

We're starting into our busiest time of the year, so look for future announcements regarding extra hours for prom, including Sunday returns.

From March through May we do require appointments for ALL services including, and especially, prom suits and tuxes. Please call for an appointment before you come in. If you do walk-in without an appointment please be courteous - we will try to squeeze you in if we can, or may ask you to make an appointment and come back at a later time. We appreciate everyone's understanding.

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