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Christmas is always a challenging time for any family business - balancing the family and the business is no easy task. Thankfully it is the slowest time of the year for us, and this year the holiday falls on a Sunday when we are closed anyway. Nevertheless, there is always the chance that someone will need our services on a day we are closed and for that we are sorry.

To accommodate our employees and their families travel needs, below are our open hours for the holidays:

Thursday, Dec 22nd: 10-6

Friday, Dec 23rd: CLOSED

Saturday, Dec 25th: CLOSED

Monday, Dec 26th: CLOSED

Thursday, Dec 29th: 10-6

Friday, Dec 30th: 10-5

Saturday, Dec 31st: CLOSED

All other days we will be open per our posted hours.

Thank you - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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One of our favorite ideas for winter weddings: Signature holiday cocktails to serve at your reception!

Nothing sets the holiday mood like a warm glass of mulled wine, spiced cider, or maybe a spiked egg-nog! How about a candy cane martini? The possibilities are limitless.

Here's a link to this recipe, and many more good ones we found that you can try:

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Our favorite trend for 2022 was the resurgence of the classic black tuxedo for weddings. The sophisticated black tie look has never gone out of style, and likely never will. In recent years, however, it's been waning as a wedding favorite - but in 2022 it saw a big rebound in popularity.

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