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Our commitment to sustainability

It might seem odd coming from a bridal shop – but sustainability is at the heart of what we do when it comes to our tuxedo and suit rentals.

Think about it: just like ride sharing in a car, when you choose to rent a suit for that special occasion instead of buying, you are helping to spread the resources that went into making that suit over a larger footprint of users and minimizing its impact on our environment.

Instead of many people buying many suits that, let’s be honest, will just hang in a closet most of the time – one suit is shared many times by many different individuals, reducing the impact that the textile industry has on our world. That’s the sort of small action you can take locally, that makes a big impact globally.

Every business has a responsibility to take actions, no matter how small, to protect our environment. By shopping locally, and renting instead of buying, you are helping us to keep our commitments to sustainability, and we thank you!

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